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Your high school years have shaped you into the person you have become.  They are great years filled with laughter, tears and fun.  Your senior portraits should be no different… Our goal is to capture portraits that embody your youth and vitality.  Showing off the many sides that make you unique.  They should be taken in a way that shows “WHO YOU ARE” and “SHOWS OFF YOUR PERSONALITY”.   Here at Sessions Photography we take the time to get to know you. We want to capture your outer beauty and what lies beneath the surface. We promise to make your images special and give you the best experience you can imagine.


Senior portraits are an important milestone in your child’s life.  We are thrilled you chose Sessions to create the portraits that will represent your child’s youth for the rest of their lives. In a short time your young adult will leave home for college or beyond, to begin their own life. Here at Sessions Photography our goal is to not just capture your child in their favorite outfit, activity or hobby, but to capture the last moments of their childhood. We want to give you portraits to display in your home forever of your child blossoming into an adult.